Wednesday, May 23, 2012

There's a Torch...With a Light

This past Sunday, a gaming friend gifted me Torchlight via Steam because he pre-ordered Torchlight II.  I knew very, very little about Torchlight but when he had first started talking about Torchlight II, I had to check out the Torchlight web site to satisfy my curiosity.   I didn't read much about the game, I pretty much just looked at some screenshots to get an idea of what the game was about and it looked like it could be fun; I always enjoyed console games likes this so when he asked if I wanted Torchlight, I said 'yes'.

The first character I made is an Alchemist just because it sounded cool.  I had read in the FAQ, I think it was, that you could have a cat or a dog companion.  When it said cat, I was thinking domestic house cat and that just seemed silly to me so I was going to use a dog.  Then I actually loaded up the game and saw that the cat is a lynx, now that's pretty neat; not to mention that the lynx is the preferred companion for my Lore-master in LOTRO.

I took my time playing, getting to know the game and getting used to the controls.  I had only ever played one other game (that I can think of, at least) where you click to move and that's a free browser MMO which I actually played very little, so that is a little awkward for me.  Still, I was enjoying the game and I played for around nine and a half hours, I think it was.  I didn't play again until yesterday and the game crashed at one point right after I had picked up a nice orange head piece, which I, sadly, lost because the game hadn't saved.  Interestingly enough, when I loaded it back up and went back to questing in that particular dungeon, I picked up a different orange piece (possibly boots, I forget) of the same name.

My lynx has a couple of spells, draining touch and summon skeleton.  Yesterday when I was playing, I kept trying to kill my skeleton; I do that with the Imp sometimes, soo.

Anyway, I was hoarding stuff for alts, as I'm wont to do, and my shared stash was filling up so I decided to go ahead and make another character.  This time, I went with the only female the game has to offer, a Vanguisher, and I thought the dog was a good companion for a hunter.  I also chose Normal as the difficulty setting for her whereas the Alchemist is set to Easy.  I also suffered my first death in the game while playing the Vanquisher, I found a phase portal and I just got overwhelmed with all of the mobs while still getting used to playing the class.

My brother had to come take a peek at the game since he also didn't know about it and he said it's like Diablo but kiddied up.  The friend who gifted me the game said that the same people who made the Diablo games made Torchilght so that would explain why it's so similar.  I don't recall if I've played any of the Diablo games myself so I can't compare, though I did watch my brother playing Diablo III some and it does seem pretty much the same.  Oh, except I don't have to have a stupid account to play my game. ;)

I also downloaded that TorchED thing to maybe play with at a later time.  Right now, I want to explore the game as it is before I go messing with things.

Look, a Stargate!

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