Thursday, May 05, 2011

Treasure-Hunt (Bullroarer Testing)

I logged on to Bullroarer to check out the treasure-hunt. It's an ok event, I guess. It's a lot like the anniversary event where you get boxes (caches of varying size) that are 'consumable' so you open them and you never know what you will get. You also get tokens that can be traded for various items, though the emotes aren't currently in the Bullroarer build so we can't see them. Most of what I got is vendor crap for me, some pots and food, and sapphire shards. I got three emotes, though two were the same one. I also got a mithril flake from a huge cache and I got, from a huge cache, what this post is mainly about: You open the cache and find a [Jackpot Horse]!

Yes, those are gold coins falling from my horse.
 And here is a video clip:

There is another horse someone got and I snagged a screen-shot of it to share. I just got this horse myself a few minutes ago.

Jackpot (Treasure Laden) Goat. The goat does not have the falling coins or the coin noises, not sure if that's a bug or intended.

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