Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Homage to Weta - Sims Shirt Stencil Mods

I made three shirt stencils just a little while ago and I didn't even have to use the tutorial, though I had it open just in case. They are one female and two male shirts featuring the logo for Weta, as well as the URL on two of the shirts.

This first shirt is a male t-shirt with the Weta logo on the chest and also wrapped around both sleeves.

The second shirt is a male t-shirt similar to the first but it has the addition of the URL on the back.

The third shirt is a long-sleeve female shirt with the Weta log on the chest and the URL on the back. I have no clue why the shirt is so shiny but it's kind of cool.

Here is the same female shirt with a different texture.

I know the Weta logo isn't as clear as it could be; all I did was steal it from their homepage, in a roundabout way, and make the stencils. I had thought about putting an image of The One Ring on the back, but Weta is much more than The Lord of the Rings so I went with the URL.

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