Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Relics of the Gree Postponed

SWTOR confirms via Instagram, where they seem to be the most active, that Relics of the Gree is having problems with scaling to level 60 so it won't be coming back just yet.

joshmcgoo Why isn't the gree event up?
swtorofficial @joshmcgoo not happening right now.
swtorofficial @joshmcgoo yeah.. turns out scaling it to level 60 caused a lot of issues and we decided not to turn it on right now rather than providing a less than awesome experience.
whats_demuresoul So it's getting postponed or...?
swtorofficial @whats_demuresoul yeah. It'll be back at some point in the future.

Keeper of Grim Company

There are three Grim cosmetic pets added for the 2014 Yule Festival and you get the title Keeper of Grim Company when you collect all three.  They cost 75 Festival Tokens each and they are not bound so you can pass them to alts or sell them to others.  I already forgot the name of the vendor but it's the one on the right when you are facing the stage.  There's a new horse and matching caparison, as well as new cosmetics that also match the horse, but I didn't take screenshots of those since they're usually covered better by the cosmetic fan sites.

Shadow Grim cosmetic pet: Gloom

Fire Grim cosmetic pet: Torch

Grim cosmetic pet: Snowflake

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Fungus Among Us

I like testing out the various housing items to see what can fit together well, aside from placing NPCs at computers, bars, and tables.  The Rakata Mind Trap in the middle of the Jedi Fountain is a good combination.; crystals also work really well. 

A guildmate placed a datacron just right inside of a Selkath Medical Tank that it looked like it was on fire or something, pretty cool effect.  I have a datacron in the center of one of those arrangements you buy from Felusia, it could be better but I like it.

The datacron table in my little casino lounge.

Another guildmate had table dancers at his Tatooine home (apparently I didn't take screenshots for some reason) and I've had Rakliings on top of my Science Station, as well as the Small Holo Table in the center of it.  The guildmate who did the burning Selkath Tank has had Flutterplumes inside of medical tanks and a Manka Cat on his bed.  Just a bunch of things you can do if you think about it.  I saw one person post on the SWTOR forums examples of art they make out of the story mode trophies, really great stuff that I never thought of (because I have an obsession with banners anyway) but I have rotated the 'Pub Voss Embassy Sign to make it a bit different.

Anyway, I had a couple of those awesome Sculptural Fountains and when I ended up getting my Spores, I knew exactly what I wanted to try and I quite like the result.  So here are some screenshots of my fountains, fungi, and fungal fountains.

Bloom versus no bloom

The fountains after I got them set up and before I got the fungi.

One of the fountains after I added the glowing spores to see what it looked like.

A spore fountain in my DK home, fave of all the homes but so inconvenient for my 'Pub scum (and friends).

Both Nar Shaddaa fountains with fungus, also with all graphics at max.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Fleet Codex Entries

For those of you who, like me, have overlooked the lore objects for Vaiken Spacedock and Carrick Station that were added in 2.10, here are their locations. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Alien Options 1 Preview

I only took these three as examples since anyone can view them at the item modification station in-game and, to me, seeing it in-game with your own eyes beats all.  I may or may not add more if I feel like logging back in.

Appearance Options: Alien Options 1
Unlocks 4 new hair style options for Chiss, Cyborg, Mirialan, and Miralukan characters. Includes 2 female hair styles, 1 male hair style, and 1 unisex hair style. Also includes 6 new hair colors and 1 new eye color option for Cyborg characters.
These options are available at the Appearance Designer or during Character Creation.
These options were previously available only to Human characters.

A few more.