Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's a Cash Shop Halloween, Again (Always)

Upcoming Halloween items in the Cartel Market that are viewable in collections right now.  I didn't take screenshots of the masks since you can't preview them as they are toys like the glowing eyes.

Ghostly Magus armour set
 Walkhar Trickster

Phantasmal Rakling (not previewing properly)

Ethereal Rakling (not previewing properly)

Infected Tree
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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Some Items I Want as Decorations

These are some of the items I want to see added as decorations, though one of them I just saw as being in the Senechal's Pack so that's freaking awesome.

The wall sconce and sharp thingies was what I was going for here, and the sconce is in the Senechal's Pack along with the cage.
Yay, cool stuff!

Yes, that first screenshot is for the sharp thingies and the red crystal; I want them both.

This is just kind of pretty, and it would be neat if it illuminated its surroundings.  It seems that only those ugly yellow ceiling lights we have illuminate anything and sometimes that illumination looks bad to me.  Wow, three versions of the word illuminate in one description; maybe I should have used some synonyms.

The plant I would love to have in a smaller pot than those huge ones that look ridiculous; I'm looking at you, sea grass and large fern.  And, obviously, the plant would be scaled down to look good in houses because these plants are freaking huge (well, some are; there's some smaller ones I think, too).

I like this arrangement of containers.  The ones on the pedestals are nice and all, but I really like this one and I think it would fit more locations better.

This pylon thing would make a good decoration once it's reduced in size a bit.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Translating Taral V

Images from a holoterminal you come across during Taral V.  They might be a little repetitive but I went with what the holoterminal showed.  Some of the extra text for the zeldrate image is too blurry for me to read so I did what letters I could. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014